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Poland Community Baseball Association

Executive Committee

Dan FrumPresident
Greg Yaskulka  Vice-President  
Lou DeLuca VP of Baseball
Daniel Schiavone  VP of Softball  
Cory Jones  Treasurer  
Patrick Carney Secretary  
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VP of Baseball
VP of Baseball
VP of Baseball
VP of Baseball
VP of Baseball
VP of Baseball
VP of Baseball
VP of Baseball
VP of Baseball
VP of Baseball
VP of Baseball
VP of Baseball

League Directors

Stacey Lisovitch Tee Ball
Frank Garcia Pee Wee Boys
Michael Grope Minor League Boys  
Cory Jones Little League Boys  
Cory Jones Pony and Colt Boys  
Dan Schiavone Pee Wee Girls  
Dan Schiavone Minor League Girls  
Dan Schiavone
Little League Girls  
Dan Schiavone Tri - T / Junior League Girls


Board of Trustees

Poland Community Baseball Association
2019-2020 Board of Trustees 2/13/2020
First Last         
1 Kraig Barth         
2 Zel Bush         
3 Patrick Carney         
4 Jen Costarell
5 Lou DeLuca         

Rachel Draa         

Dan Frum         

Frank Garcia         

Mike Grope         
10 Jim Jablonski         

Cory Jones

Mike Kushner         

Stacey Lisovitch         

Dean Marantis         
15 Matt May         

Matt Medvec         

Matt Pittman         

Ron Puhl         

Bruno Romeo         
20 Dan Schiavone         

Mark Seifert         

Justin Simmerlink         

Tim Smith         

Steve Susany         
25 Jim Timko         

Paul Villani         

Greg Yaskulka         
Jerry Williams         
David Sullivan      
Chuck Masluk
Sam Fisher         


2020 PCBA Committees

2019-2020 PCBA Committee List
Executive Committee Umpire/Rules and Protest Committee (3)
Dan Frum (President) 1 Pat Carney (Chair)
Greg Yaskulka (Vice-President) 2 Steve Suzany
Lou DeLuca (VP of Baseball) 3 Tim Smith
Dan Schiavone (VP of Softball)
Cory Jones (Treasurer)
Pat Carney (Secretary)
Nominating and Membership Committee (5) Auditing Committee (3)
Zel Bush (Chair) 1 David Wolfe (Chair)
Paul Villani (Co Chair) 2 Dan Schiavone
Dan Schiavone 3 John Allsopp
Kraig Barth
Jim Timko
Constitution and By-Laws Committee (3)
Finance Committee (5) 1 Justin Simmerlink (Chair)
Cory Jones (Chair) 2 Pat Carney
Dan Schiavone 3 Dan Frum
Frank Garcia
Dan Frum Registration Committee
Lou Deluca 1 Dan Frum (Chair)
Buildings, Property, and Grounds Committee Team Sponsorship Committee (6)
Lou Deluca (Dobbins Chair) 1 Greg Yaskulka (Chair)
Dan Schiavone (North Chair) 2 Jen Costarell
Lou Denney (Firemans Chair)
3 Justin Simmerlink
ALL TRUSTEES 4 Kraig Barth
5 Matt May
6 Bruno Romeo
Playing Equipment Committee (5)
Lou Denney (Chair)
Jen Costarell Fence Advertisement Committee (6)
Lou DeLuca 1 Greg Yaskulka (Chair)
Mike Grope 2 John Allsopp
Don Lambert 3 Justin Simmerlink
4 Dean Marantis
5 Frank Garcia
6 Mark Seifert
Manager Selection Committee (6) Memorial Day Parade/Pictures Committee
Execitive Committee (DeLuca/Schiavone Co Chairs) 1 Pat Carney (Chair)
2 Steve Suzany
Scholarship Committee 3 Jim McCurdy
Dan Frum (Chair)
Execitive Committee
Safety and Insurance Committee (3) Coaches Clinics Committee
David Wolfe (Chair) 1 Frank Garcia (Baseball Chair)
Matt May 2 Dan Schiavone (Softball Chair)
John Allsop
Kraig Barth
Community Outreach/Public Relations (3)
Concession Committee (7) 1 Mike Grope (Chair)
Kraig Barth 2 Frank Garcia
Ron Puhl 3 Mike Kushner
Rachel Draa 4 Ron Puhl (Scholarship Contact)
Jim Jablonski (Fall Ball Only)
Mark Seifert
*Hall of Fame/Awards Committee (5) Golf Outing Committee
Paul Villani (Chair) 1 Jim Timko (Chair)
Jim Timko (co Chair) 2 Paul Villani
Zel Bush 3 Dan Frum
Bruno Romeo 4 Cory Jones
Greg Yaskulka 5 Zel Bush
6 Jim McCurdy
ASA Tournament Committee 7 Dan Siavone
Paul Villani (Chair) 8 Kraig Barth
Dan Schiavone (Co-Chair)
Rachel Draa
Dave Wolfe Fundraising Events
1 Jim Timko (Chair)
2 Dan Frum
Training Facility Committee 3 Cory Jones
Greg yaskulka (Chair) 4 John Allsopp
Kraig Barth 5 Mike Kushner
Jim McCurdy 6 Mark Seifert
Paul Villani 7 Frank Garcia
8 Jim McCurdy
9 Kraig Barth


Registration Listing

No Programs are Currently Displayed

There are no programs or divisions available at the moment. Please contact your club administrator with any questions.

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Poland Community Baseball Association

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